coolday,sir [behind the scene]

coolday,sir f/w 2010 catalogue shooting day

由mark lui 親自設計的男裝系列, 當然也由他親自監場和做styling.

格子恤衫是今季的主將. 這種duo pattern看上去不會土氣, 有種dynamic 的感覺.

很喜歡這格子wool jacket, 衫領可反上, 把鈕扣上, 很decent.

白恤衫可以很悶, 但也可以很性感.

看那些袖口鈕都有品牌top hat logo 的印記, 細心位非常加分.


seville I

the first day i arrived at seville, i immediately fell in love with this city. i cannot decide whether i love seville or valencia more…

guitaristguitarists x 2

blurredsorry it was blurred. just want to say, a well fitted plain white shirt with rolled up sleeves can make you look smart.

cig breaksmoking is hazardous to your health. but you do look sleek & cool in the blazer & leggings & pumps.

college teeneverything from the way she tied her hair, her shirt, her shorts her earrings, it just feels really young.

2 tones of blue2 tones of blue (the blue cardigan on the lady is very nice!)