rouge collection b+ab

i’ve known angela since high school. she’s the baby sister of one of my best friends, ada.

both the ooi’s sisters were so talented: ada is a great dancer; angela is a very artistic girl and draws so well.

funny thing is, angela used to hate art subjects so much, but now she became a fashion designer who has worked for many great brands.

having worked in italy for some time, she is now back in town (came back for her lovely husband… congrats on your wedding too dear~), and became the designer for b+ab, a fun-filled brand under IT group.

she introduced this new high end line called Rouge Collection for the brand, bringing more elegant yet edgy outfits that are suitable for work or dressed up events.

it’s amazing to see my “half-baby sister" to have created an impressive collection… so proud of you angela!

thanks so much for the lovely outfits!!

IMG_8338_ copy IMG_8417_ copy

this CLOUDY 2 piece outfit is so soft & silky. the print is nicely done.

i have never imagine that i can carry such lady-like outfit. but it turns out to be very wearable.

cloudy dress from rouge collection b+ab/ cloudy cropped trench from rouge collection b+ab/ floral patterned wedges from Gram by square street

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a two toned playsuit is best for any work day. the open toe heels are very comfy too!

chiffon playsuit from rouge collection b+ab/ heels from rouge collection b+ab/ hat from taobao

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2013-03chere comes my fave: an all black jumpsuit, topped with a shell ribbon design for the shoulder strap. the cut is really well-fitted!

jumpsuit from rouge collection b+ab/ spaghetti strap tank from rouge collection b+ab/ necklace from cotton on/ heels from forever21

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warm early spring

the weather in hong kong now is still brisk but there’s always warm sunshine.

best outfit under such weather is a subtle long coat with chunky accessories & lady-like clutch.


thanks to my dear friend Jannie & Kitty of for the lovely Orla Kiely coat & elegant Wilbur & Gussie clutch!

coat from Orla Kiely/ clutch from Wilbur & Gussie (both available on

nerdy glasses from h&m/ necklace from Monki/ knee high socks from taobao/ wedges from forever21

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2013, everything anew

since five or 6 years ago, the first day of every year is not just celebration of the new year.

it’s the annual star-studded music award show organized by the radio CR903!!

on 1 jan 2010, i received my first award as a lyricist for the song i wrote for RubberBand, “SimpleLoveSong". (hahahaha sounded so lame when i actually write this out)

anyway, this year is another lucky year for me as RubberBand’s album EASY was awarded Album of the Year! It was so exciting as i’m one of the 2 lyricists taking care of all the songs in the album (the other lyricist being my hubby, the vocalist of the band!)

It was such a meaningful award to me and the band, and the producers too!

this is a photo captured by 903. look! i was saying my thank you speech! *blush*


thanks to Venus @ Heaven Please for the lovely wardrobe! i hope i look alright when i was on stage! 😀

thank you 2013! I hope this will be a good year!!


see through top with faux fur sleeves from heave please/ irregular pleated skirt from heaven please/ wedges from forever 21/ very lovely chunky necklace by my favourite accessories designer ZO-EE!

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