disc jockey (M)

這裏不該是談工作、談心情低落(興奮則可以)的地方. 但這幾天圍繞著我的只有這些.

今天吃了一頓輕鬆午飯. 希望你們也過了輕鬆快樂的一天.

Now, let’s see what the guys wore.

我今天都架上了aviator 太陽眼鏡. donald看上去好像警察.

great talk with heison, a guy who believed in his dreams! 另外, 他也是很有styling sense 和喜歡chok 樣的人. (wahaha but it’s a COMPLIMENT!!)~ 祝你接下來的拍攝順利! 大家都一起加油!

非常喜歡阿禮的笑容, 覺得很善良. 他有個"Look At Me" 的每日一snap習慣, 有一套自家穿衣之道. 真的很希望可以常常拍下他的每日一look.



seville II

seville. muy bien.

overallcute jumpsuit (and i bought one today, haha). her skills in tucking the hem of her pants to the gladiators is master level.

crossing the roadpants with banded hems.

shorthaired girlshort haired gal. slogan tee + jeans.

jeans with zipssmall zip details. white sneakers. shades.

movie scenecan’t help taking pics of this cool couple. the girl’s style reminded me of my cousin Liz. they are like a scene in a movie.

tea time coupleshort haired. tee. cardigan. ray bans. love them all!

braided haircasually braided hair. open toe boots.