interview by Mingpao

i’ve known Syreeta the renowned hk style blogger almost since i first started working in the pr field.

(check out her blog:

but it’s the first time we actually sat down and shared so much on leisure topics and common interests.

this interview is about my preferences on gadgets and what kind of techy stuff i like.

so i revealed my fetish on The Lonely Island and 漫畫日和…

gosh, my hope of being a talented writer has officially just vanished!!


i might as well share my favourite video here then…

The Lonely Island – We Like Sportz

(i made a parody with my gals during our trip to BKK earlier… but it’s too embarrassing to be shared)


this has got to be the funniest jap anime everrrrr

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAregram: i didn’t Tickalook on the day of the interview. but wore something similar later…

after i cut my hair short! 😛

i love boyish styles!