dandy pre-f/w

dandy pre-fall/winter.

想要了很久的紅色oxford shoes. 還有咖啡色的盒子包包.

donald duck tee… 很喜歡! 



hinson chou

有禮純品的周子揚唱片封套拍攝日. 其實要保密, 但他的造型太好看, 忍不住了.

是日styling: 陳刀 | 是日美指: KJ@wdsg

一身smart casual 尤其喜歡那雙calf oxford shoes (by herring x coolday,sir)

izzue 的菱格背心, 加上美指KJ 至愛的mini cooper 單車, college look 穿在hinson 身上很好看.

這是我最喜歡的造型, 原來baseball cardigan (by coolday,sir) 襯上格子恤衫, 能夠帶出七月份倫敦放晴、或是九月份巴塞隆拿早上的天氣.

期待hinson 大碟十一月頭的誕生.

seville II

seville. muy bien.

overallcute jumpsuit (and i bought one today, haha). her skills in tucking the hem of her pants to the gladiators is master level.

crossing the roadpants with banded hems.

shorthaired girlshort haired gal. slogan tee + jeans.

jeans with zipssmall zip details. white sneakers. shades.

movie scenecan’t help taking pics of this cool couple. the girl’s style reminded me of my cousin Liz. they are like a scene in a movie.

tea time coupleshort haired. tee. cardigan. ray bans. love them all!

braided haircasually braided hair. open toe boots.

seville I

the first day i arrived at seville, i immediately fell in love with this city. i cannot decide whether i love seville or valencia more…

guitaristguitarists x 2

blurredsorry it was blurred. just want to say, a well fitted plain white shirt with rolled up sleeves can make you look smart.

cig breaksmoking is hazardous to your health. but you do look sleek & cool in the blazer & leggings & pumps.

college teeneverything from the way she tied her hair, her shirt, her shorts her earrings, it just feels really young.

2 tones of blue2 tones of blue (the blue cardigan on the lady is very nice!)