it’s my dream to own a small boutique, selling almost useless things (i don’t even know how to call those stuffz), papercrafts, diy accessories.

my very stylish friend Venus has realized her dream of owning a boutique, together with her boyfriend Lary. It has become more & more popular in hong kong now… in fact they have a lot of overseas customers too!

check out their store when you have time!

Heaven Please facebook fan page:


2B,Po Foo Building,No.1 Foo Ming Street,Causeway Bay,Hong Kong


taken at Heaven Please

geometric jacket from heaven please/ dress from heaven please




sunshine shoes

i have purchased many many checked shirts before, but none of them fits me like this one.

the fabric is soft, the buttons do not loose easily, and the collar is soft yet stiff enough to stand.


shirt from jeanasis/ torn jeans from forever21/ hawaiian style sneakers from squarestreet (thanks Jan for these lovely sneakers!)

tick a look:


hidden paradise in beijing

i wasn’t quite sure how i came up with this destination for our pre-wedding shoot (or some call it engagement shoot), probably coz both me and my fiance love the unpolished ruggedness of the city, and the fact that it has so much history.

so with our very good friends, MoMing the photographer and his buddy Jeff, the very talented makeup artist Coral, 5 of us set off for a packed yet unforgettable trip to Beijing!


the “secrecy" and laid back hu tong’s (alleys). how can this beijing signature not be one of our chosen spots for pics?

on mau: tommy hilfiger shirt/ h&m chinos/ no brand suspender/ dr martens boots

on tim: h&m dress/ zara heels


thank god for the warm sunshine that perfected the photos.



should bridal wear be categorized under fashion as well? not sure, but just feel like sharing my gown too! hahahaha!

too many people wore tube dress, and i have always fancied one with lace shoulder straps and a V back line;  a simple bun for the hair; a vintage veil and a handmade peach colored bouquet.

my dream came true. 🙂

this was taken in a public library in the far away suburbs (around an hour drive).

just peaceful and unbelievably beautiful.


the library viewed from the outside. designed & built by an architecture professor from Qinghua University.

Did a lot of research before getting there, but i’m still worried about getting lost, or disappointed by the actual site.

I didn’t. In fact, we all got mesmerized by this beautiful place.


We’re just blessed.

(all photos taken by canon 5DM2 by my dearest friends MoMing & Jeff. retouched by me.)

berlin, june 2011

revisiting berlin after 9 years.

east side gallery, berlin

colorful neoning

love the cardigan matching her flats!

in a bike friendly city.

man in front of the vending machine.

short haired girl + sailor tee + vintage oversized cardigan. what’s not to love?!

do you know who m. bison is?

spring gal gang


love her bike!! it’s pink!

knitting outside bauhaus archiv, under the sun. isn’t she adorable? (ok, the guy next to her looks alittle bit borat-y…)