berlin, june 2011

revisiting berlin after 9 years.

east side gallery, berlin

colorful neoning

love the cardigan matching her flats!

in a bike friendly city.

man in front of the vending machine.

short haired girl + sailor tee + vintage oversized cardigan. what’s not to love?!

do you know who m. bison is?

spring gal gang


love her bike!! it’s pink!

knitting outside bauhaus archiv, under the sun. isn’t she adorable? (ok, the guy next to her looks alittle bit borat-y…)


prague, june 2011

can’t explain my love for prague.


來自法國的yasmine 及來自西班牙的jorge. hope to meet you again some day somewhere in the world…

hot pants. prague castle.


在grand cafe orient 的攝影師.

ice creaming.

red hot passion on charles bridge.