madrid oct 09

1.5 days in madrid.

slim couplescarf. layers.

red pantshis do & the red pants : )

hooded jackethoodies in grey always look better than other colors. why?

kidthis funky kid is dressed up by well-dressed cool style parents whom i failed to photograph.


seville II

seville. muy bien.

overallcute jumpsuit (and i bought one today, haha). her skills in tucking the hem of her pants to the gladiators is master level.

crossing the roadpants with banded hems.

shorthaired girlshort haired gal. slogan tee + jeans.

jeans with zipssmall zip details. white sneakers. shades.

movie scenecan’t help taking pics of this cool couple. the girl’s style reminded me of my cousin Liz. they are like a scene in a movie.

tea time coupleshort haired. tee. cardigan. ray bans. love them all!

braided haircasually braided hair. open toe boots.

seville I

the first day i arrived at seville, i immediately fell in love with this city. i cannot decide whether i love seville or valencia more…

guitaristguitarists x 2

blurredsorry it was blurred. just want to say, a well fitted plain white shirt with rolled up sleeves can make you look smart.

cig breaksmoking is hazardous to your health. but you do look sleek & cool in the blazer & leggings & pumps.

college teeneverything from the way she tied her hair, her shirt, her shorts her earrings, it just feels really young.

2 tones of blue2 tones of blue (the blue cardigan on the lady is very nice!)

granada oct 09

the alhambra. ferdinand & isabella. dinner parties. backpackers from all over the world. my first spanish class.

of all the great stories about granada, i missed you the most, Karsten!

dog in granadai don’t think i can find such a nice pair of jeans in HK.

old man in suithurrying to work?

HH inspiredhe reminds me of henry holland. ha!

floral girls2 floral gals in the students field trip group.



valencia. my favourite city in spain.

neatneat hat.

elegant blueblue x brown are very good & matching friends.

casualrelaxy sunday.


typical girlsthe gals here all dress/ look like zara catalogs. i like the slim cuttings & how they are appropriately accessorized. & i always believe in the power of a pair of shades.

at best5 starz for the chic elegance!